Timber Professionals Cooperative








Mission Statement:

“To provide the same sustainable management philosophy to Wisconsin and Michigan’s forest industry that we do to Wisconsin and Michigan’s forests, realizing that one cannot be sustainable if the other one is not.”



Cooperative ownership puts more emphasis on the vitality of communities, local businesses, and individuals involved with Wisconsin and Michigan’s forest industry. It can give entities along the supply chain and supporting service industries input into key decisions.

What is Happening?


GLTPA held seven regional meetings this summer with over 300 members in attendance to discuss cooperative ownership of forest industry companies. The attendees at every meeting voted and approved the exploration of cooperative ownership structures, with two representatives and alternates from each region being appointed to a Cooperative Steering Committee.

This Steering Committee met the end of July 2020 and with the assistance of cooperative development specialists from the USDA and UW Center for Cooperatives the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were unanimously approved and submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) for the Timber Professionals Cooperative (TPC). In early August 2020 TPC became officially incorporated with the DFI.

The long-term goal of this cooperative is to explore opportunities for acquisition or development of forest industry companies that directly affect the livelihoods of loggers and truckers. Either as TPC itself or as part of a larger multi-stakeholder cooperative.

The short-term goal is to investigate the possible acquisition of the Verso mill in Wisconsin Rapids as part of a multi-stakeholder cooperative that could include mill workers, the community, landowners, and others. This work is in progress.

At the annual meeting on December 2, 2020 a Board of Directors was elected.  They are listed in this document.  TPC members ratified the Bylaws at a virtual meeting on December 16, 2020.

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