Timber Professionals Cooperative








Mission Statement:

“To provide the same sustainable management philosophy to Wisconsin and Michigan’s forest industry that we do to Wisconsin and Michigan’s forests, realizing that one cannot be sustainable if the other one is not.”



Cooperative ownership puts more emphasis on the vitality of communities, local businesses, and individuals involved with Wisconsin and Michigan’s forest industry. It can give entities along the supply chain and supporting service industries input into key decisions.

What is Happening?

Timber Professionals Cooperative (TPC) was formed in August of 2020 with the goal of exploring opportunities for acquisition or development of forest industry companies that directly affect the livelihoods of loggers and truckers. 

In 2021 TPC pursued purchasing either the Wisconsin Rapids mill and/or the Park Falls mill with no such luck.  The board has been exploring further options that would be feasible to the forest industry including purchasing the Park Falls mill and building a system to separate out boltwood from pulpwood to funnel the boltwood to a pallet mill and the remaining pulpwood to firewood. Other ideas included CLT and fuel stops.  The board is open to any suggestions.  

Each member of the cooperative receives weekly updates of the status of what is developing. To become an eligible member-owner of TPC you must have a current Employer Identification Number, be a current member of GLTPA, be engaged in logging and/or trucking of forest products, in compliance on current training and licensing, and pay a one-time membership equity contribution fee of $100 and an initial membership dues fee of $150.00  

For those of you that are renewing membership in 2022, the 2022 renewal dues are $25.00 and were mailed at the end of January. If you did not receive an annual dues renewal form, email us at timberprofessionalscooperative@gmail.com. To become a new member of the cooperative, complete the application below.  

Interested in becoming a member?